The Team

Ryan van Huyssteen

Ryan is the founder and director of research at the SCBC currently involved in a long term study of the reptiles of the Soutpansberg. Besides reptiles, Ryan is a committed environmentalist and naturalist interested in all facets of biodiversity. 
Our project manager with a Horned Adder (Bitis caudalis)
Ryan van Huyssteen (far left) teaching our volunteers and some students from Goro Game
Reserve about Pacydactylus geckos.
Melissa Petford

Melissa is the SCBCs Project and Volunteer Coordinator. Originally from the UK, Melissa is currently enrolled in a MSc degree through the University of the Witwatersrand researching two species of endemic gecko and rupicolous reptile species occurring in the Soutpansberg. Besides herpetology, Melissa's interests are conservation, biodiversity and macro photography. 

Our project coordinator Melissa Petford with a Southern African Rock Python (Python natalensis)
Melissa with one of our volunteers Ryan MacDonnell and a Snouted Cobra (Naja annulifera)
Us in The Field

Bird atlasing  at Mapangupwe.
Photographing a little snake during a night drive.
Installing drift fence with funnel traps at Goro Game Reserve.
Photographing lizards, Lajuma.
Roadkill is valuable data.

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